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Louise has over 30 years of experience as a meeting and event planner for corporate and association clients, who attest to her expertise and skills as an event organizer, travel and international business consultant.  These are important skills for organizing the logistics and experience of the retreat.  Her years of experience as a wellness coach, Reiki master, and retreat leader is shorter.  She has been training and developing those skills for the past 25 years, and sharing those skills with others informally in the last years.  Below are comments from both her professional meeting planning clients, and her teachers, friends and people who have participated in one of her healing retreats or sessions.

What People Say

Louise did an amazing job planning an organized and adventurous retreat that made me feel safe in a foreign country. Details from airport transfers, scrumptious meals, a wide selection of activities and thought-provoking presentations made for a wonderful experience.   Virna DePaul, Costa Rica Retreat Participant 2022

     Louise is a wonderful teacher who has been my student of Native American and metaphysical wisdom, techniques and energy work for many years.  I have formally initiated her into several healing practices including reiki and dowsing. She has a beautiful gift of guiding and mentoring people and is passionate about helping individuals and groups in the healing arts.   believe she is well qualified to teach energy work and facilitate wonderful energy of retreats as well as personal guidance for individuals.  Billie Topa Tate, Mescalero Apache, Author and Founder  MSI Wellness Center Evanston Illinois

     As a venerable international meeting planner, “Cookie” knows her details. Everything will be handled perfectly. Then, in her rare spare time, Cookie has studied metaphysics and women’s issues deeply. She thoroughly enjoys sharing her knowledge and wisdom with others of all ages and stages, and each person will walk away with a different, positive perspective. Tracey B. Smith, CMP, CMM, Former Executive Director, SPIN

     Experiencing one of Louise's empowering workshops or retreats always gives me a sense of peace and serenity, plus a refreshed spirit that has me ready to tackle whatever life throws my way.  We all need to take time for self care and what better way to do this than with someone who has an excellent reputation in event planning.  She is knowledgeable as a teacher, with an evidence-led approach, and promotes self-discovery in a relaxed environment.  

     Louise uses nature to inspire the creative spirit and uses laughter as medicine for us all.  Everything she offers us is more than healing!  Each time I leave one of her gatherings I am ready to sign up for the next event.  My mind is filled with new ideas, my body is energized and my spirit is refreshed.  Plus, she is just a cool person who is a pleasure to be around!  Pat Ross,  Previous owner, Concepts in Marketing & Tyler Traditions,     Public Relations & Marketing firms

     Louise Olson is an accomplished Meeting Planner bringing her skills, expertise, and wisdom to create workshops and retreats highlighting her passion for women’s empowerment and self -discovery.  Her “Goddess Never Age” workshop in Austin based on the book of the same name challenged participants to think and experience themselves in a whole new way.  Long lasting friendships were formed there as participants were inspired to continue their journey of enlightenment.  

     From the neophyte just exploring the metaphysical to the more experienced soul, her retreats offer something for everyone.  As a Certified Tour Director, I appreciate the organization and structure of her retreats, making it easy to follow if you are the ‘on site’ manager hosting a group.   From yoga sessions, to hikes, to in depth presentations and discussions of chakras for example, she offers many choices to explore.  “Time off” is essential to assimilating new experiences and she wisely provides this along with optional spa time and sightseeing in the location.  Participants leave refreshed with a renewed sense of purpose and spirit.  “Cookie’s” larger than life enthusiasm and joyful spirit is contagious proving laughter and learning go hand in hand.  She provides both! 


Ann Marshall,  Certified Tour Director

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