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Never too old....nor too young!

What a wonderful retreat we had in March in Costa Rica. It was a small group of women at various ages, from 18 to 81, who shared their wisdom, stories, and laughter on this magical adventure. There is power in the women's circle. Hearts and minds were open as they learned some new things they had not been exposed to before. They were good-natured and patient when plans went a little awry, as they are bound to do at times no matter where you are, but especially in the Pure Vida relaxed life attitude in Costa Rica. They climbed into a waterfall and rubbed mud all over their bodies in our purification ritual. Unexpectedly, they walked a dark path through the woods on a dark new-moon night, with only the flashlight on their phone. Mostly, they trusted me to keep them safe, and I trusted in the Universe. And they laughed and danced and left feeling good. A huge success I think.

I almost did not start this venture of running retreats. In most people's estimation, I am too old to take on such a responsibility. It's a huge amount of work. But for me it is life-giving. A 25 year path of spiritual study has lead me to this point. I am doing exactly what I am meant to do. This work feeds my soul and keeps me young. It is the Fountain of Youth. It lights up my heart to share my passion in everything magical, mystical and spiritual with women who often nurture others, far more than themselves, and forget that they are worth "it" and they are "enough".

Regardless of where you are on your life path, having an adventure that teaches you how special and wonderful you are (a Goddess) and refreshes your body and soul - is not a luxury anymore. It is a necessity. We Goddesses need to be the light-bearers of hope, love, beauty and all things magical in our world. It takes work and courage. It takes intention. It takes living from the HEART where our soul resides. We are never too old, nor too young, to start.

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